Join us for our next event on October 11th

Wild Asparagus w/ George Marshall

Western Massachusetts’ iconic contra dance band will pack the hall once again with two great sessions: a dance for experienced dancers in the afternoon, and one for everyone in the evening!

The heartbeat of Wild Asparagus is Ann Percival on piano, guitar, and vocals. Ann's playing is highly inventive while still maintaining an irresistible rhythm. David Cantieni, a wood-wind wizard, pours forth lively melodies and liquid harmonies on his flutes, tin-whistle, oboe, saxophone and bombard. Becky Tracy's masterful fiddling is that rare combination of energy and beauty. George Marshall is an accomplished English concertina player and also provides driving rhythms on bodhran and bones. Laying the foundation for Wild Asparagus on bass is Ithaca's own Harry Aceto.

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Date: Saturday, October 11th
Time: Double-header: experienced dance 4-6, dance for all 8-11
Band: Wild Asparagus
Caller: George Marshall
Venue: BJM: Beverly J. Martin School

Admission: Afternoon: $10/$12.
Evening: $10/$12.
Both: $18/$22.
Workshop: Beginners dancing at 7:30
Potluck: Dinner potluck begins at 6:15. With all this dancing, we'll have hearty appetites--so please bring a megaginormous dish to share!
Admission prices for children and students:
Children 12 and under: FREE
Students and kids 13 or older: There is a student’s membership at $5/year. Then students pay the member’s price for each dance.

Don't forget to reserve a spot on your calendar for the next dances too!