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Gaslight Tinkers w/ Adina Gordon

About the Gaslight Tinkers:
Northern Fiddle, Afro-pop, Caribbean, Reggae, Funk, and Latin grooves meet traditional. It's the future of the music of the past; it's a live remix; it'll move your feet and intrigue your mind.

The Gaslight Tinkers is a genre onto itself.  The band's afro-pop, funk and reggae rhythms create a powerfully danceable sound to elevate traditional New England, old time, and celtic fiddle music, merging boundless positive energy with melody and song. Since its formation in 2012, the band has lit up New England from clubs and live radio to major festivals and barn dances.

The Gaslight Tinkers were born when Garrett Sawyer (electric bass guitar) and Peter Siegel (mandolin, guitar, banjo picker and songwriter) met over coffee to craft a new sound.  Peter, having played in the folk scene for decades with the likes of Pete Seeger and Judy Collins, brought a deep knowledge of traditional folk music. Garrett, with his broad experience in world music (having toured in the U.S. with Senegalese hip-hop band Gokh-Bi System and the Caribbean with Trinidadian soca star Kurt Allen) brought an intuitive concept of danceable global grooves to the table.  The two knew they needed a fiddler to realize their vision, and fortunately happened upon Zoë Darrow.  Zoë is an award-winning fiddler and clogger who from the age of  four has led her own trio, Zoë Darrow and the Fiddleheads, performing Scottish, Irish, and Cape Breton fiddle tunes for many enthusiastic crowds.  Zoë is a Western Massachusetts favorite. Drums were needed too, and soon they knew who they wanted to play them: ethnomusicologist and world beat drummer Dave Noonan, who brought his experience of performing with numerous reggae/world/dance bands including The Equalites, Ed Mann’s Dub Jazz Unit, Fenibo, and Little Shop of Horas to the table.

The Gaslight Tinkers shake the stage with traditional melodies and contemporary grooves from around the world.  The sounds and energy of Zoë, Garrett, Peter, and Dave is irresistible and utterly danceable. 

About Adina Gordon:

Adina Gordon finds an outlet for her loves of travel, music, dance and silliness by calling and dancing throughout the US and Canada, creating joy and minor chaos wherever she goes. Combining a voice that makes you want to do what she says with a commitment to using that power for good and not evil, Adina calls contra, English, and squares both old and new that cause spontaneous eruptions of joy on dance floors. 

Based in Burlington, VT, Adina has called dances in 37 U.S. states spanning all six time zones, as well as three Canadian provinces and Israel. Dancers frequently remark on her energy and joy, which is both highly evident and highly contagious. 
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Date: Saturday, August 30th
Time: 8:00-11:00 pm
Band: Gaslight Tinkers
Caller: Adina Gordon
Venue: CSMA

Admission: $8 members/$10 non-members
Workshop? No
Potluck? No
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